White Sands Lake Day  Beach


52129 Sandstone Blvd.
Franklinton, LA  70438



1. No GLASS or STYROFOAM Containers of ANY KIND on the Beach, including STYROFOAM ICE CHESTS.

This means NO GLASS and NO STYROFOAM on the beach, on the road, in the lake, on the boats, etc.  NO GLASS or STYROFOME AT ALL.  If you get caught with it on the property you will be instructed to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY

This includes glass bottles, beer bottles, jars, liquor bottles, Styrofoam plates or cups, ice chests, Sonic cups, daiquiri cups, smoothie cups, snowball cups, etc.  ANYTHING glass or Styrofoam is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and ANYONE breaking this RULE WILL be told to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.  We reserve the right to search all ice chests and coolers on the beach.   

2.  All children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.      

If children 15 or older are dropped off at the beach without an adult, please understand that we are not babysitters.  Please instruct the children to follow the rules of the beach.  It will be at our discretion as to whether the un-accompanied children wear life jackets.  The gate closes at 7:00 p.m.  Please be here to pick up your children BEFORE 7:00 p.m.!

3.  No Weapons of any kind allowed on premises.  

4.  No LITTER!  We appreciate everyone's efforts to keep our beach and lake clean by placing their trash in the trash bins.  Please do not leave trash on the road as you are leaving!   There are trash cans located on the road and by the bath house.  

ANYONE who CANNOT SWIM or is under 12 years old MUST WEAR a life jacket while in the water.      

We are also VERY SERIOUS about the LIFE JACKET RULE.  You are encouraged to bring your own life jackets for your kids; but if you don't have them we will have them available for rent at the Boat Hut at a cost of $2 per jacket.

Non-Swimmers or Children under 12 who are repeatedly found in the water without a jacket will be removed from the lake and will not be allowed to return to the water for the remainder of the day.  Non-compliance will result in removal from the property.

Teenagers ages 12-16 will receive a wristband at the front gate which must be worn to signal our staff members that they are clear to swim without a life jacket. 

6.  No entry into Sandstone Lakes Resort Subdivision for ANY reason! 

Sandstone Lakes Resort is a PRIVATE, GATED COMMUNITY and, therefore, open to RESIDENTS ONLY.  NO Sight-Seeing!

7.  No Nudity!  No thongs!

8.  No Foul Language or Violent Activity of any kind. 

Anyone who repeatedly uses foul language will be instructed to leave immediately.  Any behavior not considered child-friendly is considered misbehavior.  WSL is a family-friendly environment, and we intend to keep it that way.

9.  No open fires on beach.

10.  The Beach may close in bad weather. No refunds.

11.  No PETS allowed on the property.  Please do not expect to leave your pet in your vehicle.  We will not permit it.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

No ROWDINESS and/or DRUNKENESS allowed! 

We are a family-friendly environment.  Violators will removed from the property IMMEDIATELY.

13.  NO VEHICLES on the BEACH!  

14.    DO NOT move our TABLES!